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  • You know that you are a grown up when you are afraid of death..i know this entry is going to be a bit morbid, but it so happens that for the past half a year the element of death has been present in my life. my grandpa passed away a day before his birthday in early january and this was the first death in my close family that i trully felt, maybe because i was old enough to realize that yesterday i talked to my grandpa on the phone and today he is being put in the ground.

    here in the united states, the death is an accepted part of your life...very rarely do you see people trully being upset, they celebrate the life a person lived and easily move on..they even come to work a day after the funeral...i could never understand it because even after half a year is gone, i still can't think think about the day of my grandpa's death wihout tearing up.

    last week, one of my dad's friends passed away, he was 47 years old and he died from cancer.  He has been sick for the past 13 years and spent these years fighting this horrible disease, but it claimed him anyways.  People die and the rest of us have to live and that's part of this whole life thing.

    so why such morbid post?  i guess because there is a common notion that many of us get sick due to stress...we worry about money, about our work, about paying our bills and morgages, but in the end of the day, we are still alive while somebody else passes away. this country is built on the puritan's believes of never-ending work..people work monday through monday, nobody cares that weekends are your personal time to spend with the family, they only care about the bottom line and about the blackberry that vibrates every 3 seconds because you have an unread email.  this lifestyle is what makes all of us sick, makes all of us gain/loose weight, eat unhealthy, be depressed, be miserable and most of all hate our jobs. 

    this country needs to learn how to live, how to respect each other's lives outside of work and most of all, how to stop stressing about things that really do not matter, if you are not healthy.  i am trying really hard to find that balance in my life and i think this is my biggest challenge of all.

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