How we visited MIAMI!

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  • Our journey started when my sister found advert at the web site Darbery. So that in the morning, she wrote to me:
    - Marina, Will we go to Miami for the new year holiday?
    I thought, she was crazy, but after several minute... I said, why not and bought travel contract.
    And so, our history started. We didn't have visa, we didn't have enough time and so we have to do everything every fast. During couple of day we gather necessary document for visa registration, than we brought it to travel agency. Now it was necessary only to wait. 25 December we got approve from the USA embassy. Hurray, we were going to Miami Beach.

    Day 1. - 14 January 2011
    We took off from Domodedovo airport at 10.00 a.m.

    We are waiting for taking off. Sveta is drinking coffee.

    Our flight had to last about 12 hours. It's hard.
    At 14 p.m. we arrived to the airport Miami. After we went to hotel, its name was Daddy'O hotel
    Daddy'O hotel is nice place, it's situated in famous and expensive region Miami - Bal Harbor. We didn't now this information when we bought tour. Therefore it was for us pleasant surprise.

    Our hotel: Daddy'O

    Our room

    And so, when we arrived to hotel it was 6 p.m., we were very tided and wanted to sleep. Day 1 was OFF.

    Day 2.
    We woke up at 7 a.m. After a breakfast we went for a walk on the beach where were saw incredibly beautiful ocean. White sand, blue water and beach which lasted for many kilometers.

    At this place's fell oneself differently.
    After dinner we decided to go to Mega Mall. Our guide promised it had enormous discounts. But we didn't find it. ))) Miami isn't cheap town. But all of us spent good time. We were taking very funny photos.
    Advertising bed


    Day 3.
    We met several people yesterday, and today we decided to go for walk together on the beach. It was strange, but it was usual thihg to meet somebody.
    After beach we went to Coconut Grove, it's sleeping region on the outskirts of Miami with many art galleris and beautiful buildings.
    Several pictures

    Day 4. Key West
    It's most southern point of Miami, from this city to Cube is only 90 miles. It's very old city, it has very interesting story, traditions and people. Excursion in this place, was probably the most interesting event for all holiday. The city has many Russian people who work in shops, bars and hotels, because Key West - is the most popular place for diving. Why? Because around Key West there are a great numbers ships, old and new ones. It's made for two reasons. First is for diving tourism, second for coverinf from marine tornado. But many people think that it is very bad affect on the Gulf Stream, because these ships changing relief of sea bottom.
    The most southern point

    Key West

    Be continued
    5 days are still ahead

  • Памятка начинающему блоггеру

  • Один вечер в ГУМе

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