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  • That was a tough night! I'm still alive ahaha!!!! :)
    I got up an hour ago and couldn't get myself back to bed. I've just noticed several interesting "facts". Like someone put this stamp on my right hand (oh WTF?) and definitely a smile on my face (you would enjoy both if you were here now). And this inner bruise on my lips as if I'd been eating myself instead of the proper dinner (WTF???)

    Yesterday I discovered wonderful caffè macchiato - (well, it's been only half a year in Italy!) - and then I watched this poor football match between Inter and CSKA...but I'd seriously better skip it and continue with the next frame (although I gotta thank God we lost only 0:1 because judging from the game we should've lost 0:5 at least!).
    There came Christoph, Charles and Laura - the guys that I can hardly separate from my whole erasmus life at least since February (even if I wanted to huh:) ) Then I clearly remember that we went out of the pub and headed for the Sam's Bar. And that's the last thing I remember clearly :)
    Huh!! - I'll write it down just to memorize but you could imagine Christoph having the night shift at Sam's washing the glasses while we were having our Magic Sam and Atomic!:))) I'll tell you the truth: in the end that wasn't quite easy to pull him out of there!
    ..But finally we moved on! Skeptics would always say there's no food in Bologna after midnight - I'd show them three slices of pizza that I found for 50 cents! (That's what is called fucking lucky - 3(!!!) slices for 50 cents OMG!!!:) )
    Honestly, I've been thinking on what's next already for half an hour. That's why I have to skip it till good times:)
    ...So we went out from 2B. Just the three of us: me, Laura and my jacket. That's because some asshole took Laura's! Yes, I hope he's dead.
    Laura showed me "Little Venice" (or not? LOL). I was wondering where it was, that magic place which looks like Venice, with the buildings rising from the very water (wow, i can add pictures in the blog!!!) and I think that Laura showed it to me about 7-8 hours ago. That place is right in the center but now I doubt if it was for real or if I saw that in a dream... I'll ask her!

    I remember I took that Turkish chicken thing at Via delle Moline - I don't remember what I said and how I got in and out, but hell, I can still feel its fabulous taste as if I finished it a few seconds ago!
    I also remember I bought a 150 gr. yogurt at the "24-hour shop". I remember how I inserted a 2 euro coin and dialed the code of my yogurt. But that goddamn vending machine didn't wanna work! LOL, I was retyping the code again and again but it didn't wanna grab my fucking yogurt! I got angry and started knocking the shop window with my fist and finally kicking it with both legs. I don't remember how soon I figured out I just didn't insert the coin properly, but instantly after I did it the right way it gave me my yogurt at a speed of a man who's running away from an awaken bear (I was trying to say that was very fast huh :) ).
    After all I remember Dominik who saved my life when he got up and opened the door. I hardly remember for how long I was pushing the ring button (I really hope it was normal, as if I was totally alright).

    Once upon a time Facebook asked me: "what are you thinking at the moment?" My response was:

    Happy hour Giunness pinta - 3.5 euro. Magic Sam - (already) 5 euro. Erasmus morning hangover - priceless!

  • Самая полная коллекция исторической статистики России-СССР.

  • архиинтереснейшая подборка

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