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  • Most think that beer festivals are the prerogative of Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic? No arguments there – these countries are, of course, widely famous for their brewing traditions. But excellent beer is being brewed not only there, and the high-hearted events, devoted to this ancient hopped product, are not only organized there. Supporting a long world tradition of beer fests, Lvov has picked up the baton of the beer feast for several years now.

    Beer for Lvov is a history, tradition and culture. Do you know, for example, that the first written mention of Lvov beer dates back to 1384, and it is considered to be the oldest on the territory of modern Ukraine? In ancient times Lvov beer had regularly been served on the table of the King of Poland in Krakow, and that in Lvov itself, near the City Hall, kings, ambassadors and other dignitaries were honored with barrels of this "bread of the soul". In Soviet times Lvov beer was sold in the coffee shops of the Kremlin, on airplanes and international cruise liners..

    So, there is no doubt – the city of Lion with its ancient tradition of brewing has good reasons for its own celebration to the glory of the hoppy beverage. This year the City Beer Feast will be held in the western capital of Ukraine from 10 to 12 June. During the beer festival Lvov residents and visitors can not only get acquainted with the old city brewing traditions and the culture of beer consumption, but also to watch ethnic and theatrical performances, listen to folk music, and take part in various games and contests. And all these activities will be combined with tasting of the favorite malty drink! Indeed, right here in Lvov the perfect art of brewing is coupled with artistic skills in a really remarkable manner.

    Lvov has always been the Ukrainian capital of beer – the locals not only brew it, but also know how to drink and enjoy it. Local beer is both a symbol and a part of the Ukrainians life, the value of generations and traditions. Come to Lvov and down a mug of an exclusive amber nectar - with UIA it's easy, as its regular flights from Kiev to Lvov are operated daily except Sundays.

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  • Безымянный 6685

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