Раскраски военных фот 1941-1945гг

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  • Roza Shanina - female Soviet sniper 1944 WWII

    Female Soviet snipers - Ukraine Partisans WWII

    Soviet soldier off to the front 1941

    Soviet female snipers ww2 1945

    Russian children of war - young soldiers

    Red Army soldier

    Young Soviet soldier 1945

    Battle for Stalingrad 1942 - scared children

    Soviet child soldier

    Russian girl snipers

    Soviet soldiers - Eastern Front

    Red Army girl snipers

    Berlin 1945

    Russian female sniper

    Soviet girl snipers stand at attention

    Russian tank - Stalingrad 1942

    Soviet "Yakut" sniper

    Russian machine gunner

    Eastern front - trenches

    Soviet partisans

    Anna Nikitichna Morozov - sniper instructor

    Young Russian soldier

    Russian soldiers,Kavkaz

    Soviet soldier and civilian - ww2

    Soviet figter pilot Mikhail Baranov - Stalingrad 1942

    Soviet soldiers in Vienna May 1945

    Soviet sniper Ivan Lebedev kneels at the grave of his fallen comrade - Bryansk front ww2 - Ivan killed 203 Germans

    Soviet snipers ritual

    Israel Ilyich Fisanovich - Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the submarine M-172

    Soviet soldier feeds a child

    Very young Soviet soldier 1945 tells orphans about his combat experiances

    Russian boy wears a Tankers hemet

    Soviet soldiers question a German POW

    Sergey Mikhalkov - Soviet fighter pilot

    Soviet soldiers

    German POWs - Stalingrad 1942

    Soviet sniper

    Soviet soldiers with Nazi flag and helmets

    Soviet partisans

    Soviet mine removing team

    Victorious Allies 1945

    Russian soldier

    Son of the regiment

    Stalingrad 1942

    Lyudmila Pavlichenko - Soviet sniper 1942 WWII

    Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Stemasov - April 1942 WWII

    Soviet sniper stands in front of German war graves

    Nikolai Himochko - Defender of Moscow

    Soviet soldiers read a poster reporting on Nazi atrocities 1943

    Soviet tank crew

    Nicholas Pinchuk - Hero of the Soviet Union WWII

    Guard Sergeant AM Filippov. Belgorod . August 2, 1943

    Russian sniper

    Soviet partisans

    Young Soviet Sniper Vasily Kurka

    Soviet Lieutenant SE Kazhdan - killed 25 enemy soldier's WWII

    Sniper Viktor Medvedev of the 3d Ukrainian front, awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union medal on 2-22-1944, In July 1940 he was drafted into the Red Army. He served on the ship "Kalinin" Pacific Fleet. Later with fellow sailors he volunteered for infantry and served in the battle of Stalingrad,helped liberate Warsaw and went on to Berlin achieving 331 confirmed kills and training 78 snipers. Hero of the Soviet Union Vassili Zaitsev remembers about Medvedev"- Medvedev was a good man,he liked to crtique the more sluggish snipers. Recently he had discussed some of his experiances with a group of new trainess, He walked up to them and without saying a word,unrolled his tobacco pouch. It was made of red silk and decorated with embroidery. He showed it off as if to say " just imagine the time and love my girl put into making this!" Two empty shell casings rolled out of the pouch. This is all I wanted to say to you he declared. Lets head into the field! I think we will come to understand each other better there. That was right Viktor a soldier learns the snipers art through practice,rather than through talking about it!"

    Soviet machine gunner WWII

    Soviet company Commander

    Soviet soldier 1941

    Young Russian soldier executed by the Germans - Rostov 1943 WWII

    Red Army infantry in combat WWII

    Soviet Anti Tank rifleman WWII

    U.S. Marine ww2

    American soldier with Stg44

    American soldier with puppy

    American soldier talks to German girl - Munchen 1945

    U.S G.I in the Ardennes - Battle of the bulge 1944 ww2

    American girl paints posters for Russian war effort

    US infantry advance under the cover of a Sherman tank

    American soldier - Battle of the Bulge 1944

    American soldier Robert J. Coxe - Battle for Anzio 1944

    SS-Standartenführer MAX HANSEN

    German girl

    Hauptmann mit Ritterkreuz in Russia 1942

    German soldier with his friend

    Famous photo of a German soldier

    German soldier has a drink in Berlin 1943

    German woman

    Hajo von Hadeln - German

    The Veteran

    German Kriegsmarine sailor

    Young German soldier in France

    German soldier in Northern Europe

    Japanese Army

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