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  • Hm, I was not writing for almost 2 weeks,
    I did not forget:) Actually I wanted to do it on Saturday, after jogging,
    while have my breakfast, but then I  started working, and totally forgot...

    OK, I will know try to remember what I did the last two weeks....
    After the workshop, some of the group went to a road trip.
    I was not joining, because of work, and I had a very strong cold.
    With fewer, yes, yes, poor girl! It is so mean, everytime I
    leave Berlin  I become a cold with fewer, and then
    I am alone (cause it happens only if I go alone), somewhere in  the big big world....
    however, nevertheless I was very hard-working ;)
    and did a lot of work. I give a talk last week, guess it was a little bit
    confusing, but I know now the points where all the confusions starts:)
    and will try to avoid them next time...
    And again some bars, pizza (was very very fat, after which, an Jaegermeister was neccessary)
    And we watched Alice in Wonderland in 3d:) -colorful, nice... I liked the crazy  bunny!!!:)

    Some of the days I was... well – sorrowful and
     tried to cheer me up:
    After the work I bought some very very good jogging shoes,
    it helped, but not in the way I needed it, so I decided
    to cook a dinner (here it becomes to an extreme event...) I went
    to a full organic shop.
    Back at home, I cooked the dinner ....... but it was so worse,
    oversalted, overspiced.... undercooked!
    I could not enjoyed it and become even more sorrowful,
    but still positive thinking I ate all the chocolate in my
    flat and though, well at 20:00 scrubs are coming, so at least
    I would smile ...
    yes, yes, because of a stupid baseball game, there were no scrubs this day....
    and there I was: sitting on the floor, hungry, sorrowful, nearby my friend bunny
    and near bunny the new shoes ... 

    I am not complaining:) I feel good! lalallalalalalal
    I feeeeel goood, tututututut!l... so good so goood lalalalla.........:)
    we had a very good weekend, starting on Friday with Big Lebowski, continuing with poker,
    and a lot of kitchen-chattings :)
    On Saturday, after working, Venice Beach, Biergarten, The Other Room (cocktailbar).
    On Sunday brunch with Blin4iki:), La Brea Tar Pits, see pics, dinner in little Ethiopia
    with a big slice of a chocolate cake (at this point I decided, that it is bunnys birthday,
    so please keep in mind: 11.04) and greet fresh rosted coffee!!!!.

    Here are some pics:

    Hug y all!

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  • Безымянный 14983

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