This morning.

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  • О, Че. Моё сердце принадлежит этому мужчине.

  • This morning my thoughts were about the same: about you, your words and actions. I wanted to reproach you, take offense, burst out laughing, criticize you instructively, laugh again, get angry, smile, explain who and why is not right, explain the difference between wisdom and an excess of it, show your mistakes and tell how to do the right, confess and say with a smile "sorry", hug you gently, shake like a tree and say that you're such a fool, hug you again and kiss to the top of the head, whisper in your hair that so can not be and enough fool ... I will not talk to you so. I will ask and answer, but not so.

    What is dance? This is when the hands of partners are closely joined and everyone feels movements of each other, and they are a whole at this moment... And the hand of a partner does not end in the palm of another partner, it’s continuing with his hand. He hears the heartbeat of another partner... He dances in obedience to his arms, his movements… He dominated the other partner... and it's wonderful. Dance of two who became one… Sometimes one of them steps back and makes a false step, and other supports him, corrects him, helps to get into the same rhythm of breathing, movements and a dance figure… of life…
    What is a battle? It’s a dance of two people which consisting of small movements toward each other, when everyone feels movements of another, and each wave of the hand and the sword feels like their own, you closely monitor the movements and you’re looking for the moment when you can break through to the enemy and take aim at wrists for the first… Yes, his steps become slower, the dance of his movements becomes slower, and he begins to miss more and step back… to take aim at sides…where the heart… The enemies are dancing around each other, still feel the rhythm of the heartbeat of another, but the result of the battle is already known…. The second enemy begins to stumble frequently. And then he fell… And the other is standing over him and swinging at the edge of the blade of life and not life. And time stopped in anticipation of choice….

    Dance and the battle is almost the same thing. Very fine line, completely weightless... The beginning of life and end of life… And dance, and the battle are beautiful... but the battle leaves only one, while the other remains lying on the floor, because he danced not as good as the first...

    I thought that I dance trusting you and feeling your breath on my cheek...

    I thought…

    I'm not going to fight and hit back…

    It’s enough time to check bracelets on hands… time waits….

    Time waits….


  • Безымянный 27625

  • О, Че. Моё сердце принадлежит этому мужчине.

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